Welcome to Murray's Martial Arts Academy! We are a BLACK BELT SCHOOL.

We are a before and after school program for:

Sunray Elementary, Gulf Trace, Trinity Oaks, Athenian Academy, Richey Elementary, Coatee River Elementary, Paul R. Middle School and Elfers, Rain Tree Christian Academy, Marlow Elementary & Seven Springs Elementary
We also offer adult / teen classes during the evening and Womens self defense. For our school age students, we are open during Holidays and we also offer an eventful Summer Camp. We continue to grow and we appreciate all of our parents and student who have helped us.

A lot of parents have come to us from after school programs such as P.L.A.C.E. Parents tell us that these programs leave much to be desired. Parents are surprised that we can compete with these other programs' rates. We do, and sometimes even less!

Just an example, bring your child to our academy between 6:30am and 7:30am (later for some schools) and we take them to school. We also pick them up from school, bring them back to the academy and begin our TaeKwonDo lessons. After class, all students have a snack and may play or go to our designated homework area.

During our TaeKwonDo lessons, the students learn discipline, self-respect, camaraderie and receive a great work-out. Many of the students we first meet have behavioral issues, get into trouble at home or simply lack the ability to communicate effectively. We strive to bring these students to a level of their very best. We have seen changes in them that bring a sense of pride to our Academy.

Is your child being bullied? It's just as common as it was 40 years ago, we've just happen to become more aware of the problem. We specialize in team building activities, helping the student realize their potential which systematically increases their self-confidence. Bullies have since left them alone. Another great thing that happens is, the student, once bullied, now sticks up for those he sees being bullied. it's a beautiful evolution.


About Master steven murray

  1. Certified 8th Degree Black belt Instructor

  2. Former Army Medic

  3. 35 years martial arts training

  4. 26 years teaching martial arts 

  5. bachelor degree in elementary education

Murray's Martial Arts Academy